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Please choose the actual answer for the following questions.


  1. What is your gender?
    •           Male
    •           Female

     2.  What is your age?

    •           Under20
    •           20 to 22
    •           22 to 26
    •           Over 26

     3.  What is your highest education level?

    •           High school diploma
    •           Undergraduate degree
    •           Graduate degree
    •           PhD

     4.  In what education status when you first joined the overseas volunteer program?

    •           High school student
    •           University student
    •           University Graduate
    •           Phd student

     5.  How many times have you joined the volunteer program so far?

    •           1
    •           2~4
    •           5~7
    •           More than 7 times

     6.  In average, how long was your overseas volunteer program in average?

    •           1 week
    •           2~3 weeks
    •           A month
    •           More than a month









     7.  The reason why I joined overseas volunteer



Strongly Disagree



Strongly Agree


7.1  To achieve people’s (parents’) expectation

7.2  Self-fulfillment

7.3  Join the program as a vacation plan

7.4  I’ve never thought about the reason

7.5  This is a plan that must do in my life

7.6  To meet other volunteers

7.7  I enjoy helping people

7.8  Gain various qualifications

7.9  To know how volunteer program works

7.10  Enrich my life

7.11  Gain positive attitude toward my life

7.12  To help those in need

7.13  Enhance my English speaking ability

7.14  To make myself more capable

7.15  To experience difference culture

7.16  Expand international view

7.17  Relax from present life

7.18  To make contribution to the world

7.19  Being a volunteer makes me happy












































































































     8.  After joining the overseas volunteer program



Strongly Disagree



Strongly Agree


8.1  I learned how to cooperate with different people

8.2  I felt more capable

8.3  I learned nothing

8.4  This was just a trip

8.5  I became more positive toward my study

8.6  I wanted to seek higher education for helping the need around the world

8.7  I became more positive toward my life

8.8  I became more generous to people

8.9  I appreciated my parents more

8.10  Volunteer program was not help for increasing international view

8.11  I had deeper culture experience

8.12  I will join the volunteer program again

8.13  I will become a regular volunteer

8.14  English speaking ability was improved

8.15  I became more outgoing




































































































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